composing music for cochlear implant users

inCIde is a research project that aims to explore new ways of composing music that is more accessible to users of cochlear implants. At the same time, we want to develop an online environment where composers and listeners with cochlear implants can interact also during the process of composing a musical piece. An initial version of this environment is hosted on the listen and evaluate page of this website and integrates best practices of online music communities, along with current technologies of web-based music-sharing, time-stamped annotation, and social networking tools.


the team

Our team comprises an internationally awarded music composer and post-doc, Dr. Economou, along with two academics, Dr. Papadelis, and Dr. Pastiadis, with a long research history on sound and music perception in normal and pathological hearing. Since 2005, our research has mainly concentrated on the development of methodologies for testing and training auditory music skills in cochlear implant users. In this project, we primarily look into these issues from the composer’s point of view, aimed at strengthening the aesthetic experience cochlear implant users gain when listening to music.

Georgios Papadelis

Georgios Papadelis, Prof.

Musical Acoustics & Music Informatics

Dimitris Economou

PhD Dimitris Economou

Composer, Post-doctoral researcher

Dimitris Economou website
Konstantinos Pastiadis

Konstantinos Pastiadis, Assoc. Prof.

Musical Acoustics & Phychoacoustics